Selfie’s are key to life

This week was a little bit of an odd week because I had so many things going on at the same time and I felt like I was getting pulled left and right. I also was not able to make it to class this week so my blog won’t be as much of a reflection of class but a reflection of the work I did on my own from class as homework. From what I’ve gathered, a lot of the classwork was based on selfies and using apps. Also the idea of an unselfie was discussed and from what I tried to understand it has to do with details that a selfie doesn’t portray. From looking through the weekly post for class, I’ve learned, in my own opinion, that selfies are based on the person who takes them. A selfie can only portray as much as you want it to portray. That is why there are hundreds of people that hide “behind a computer” because they can pretend to be whoever they want to be since they can create a picture to look and show what they only want other’s see about them. A selfie doesn’t show the real you, which is where the unselfie comes into play because it deals with the other aspects. This ties in with the make I made in the make bank what deals with selfies.

Not everything that is seen in a selfie is real. In my selfie I look like I’m having a blast, meanwhile I was actually bored. My unselfie shows how I am someone who is more than just dressing up and going out. I am in charge of showing what my selfie looks like and what it should be about.

This week I also did my Daily Digital Alchemies on memes. I felt that because I have been able to make memes more and it had become easier for me I did them based on memes. DWYM05gW0AAS4d5.jpg  When I created this I was at my aunts house and she has a dog which is practically like my dog so I got the idea for this meme when I kept making her wait for her bone because she wouldn’t give me paw. DWYKp6vXcAADZKX.jpg

This one was based on a view that I enjoy. I love going on vacation and having a view like this or going hiking to places that have lakes so I can have a peaceful view to look at. Views like this bring peace to me so I felt that it was the perfect picture to use for the serene Daily Digital Alchemy.

Hopefully this turns out to be a better week and my blog is 10x better. I feel as though this won’t be my best blog because I didn’t go to class. And I realized that missing one class feels like I missed a whole month of information because I feel so behind. Hopefully I can catch myself up!


Making a mean meme

Digital art is a topic of conversation for the last couple of weeks in class. I have learned that digital art has a vast meaning and that everyones idea on digital art is different. This week though, we have done a lot of stuff with memes. Is it digital art? Of course it is! It’s a way for people to be creative and express there own ideas in a picture. Memes are typically know for laughs but it can be used for all different types of things. One thing that I know memes can be useful for outside of general laughs is in teaching. Since I am going into the education field, it is important to spice up the way you teach and be able to appeal to all the students. Since memes are popular in today’s generation, memes can be used to help kids remember formula’s for math or even remember an author or topic because then they will correlate the topic with the meme. So when it’s time for a test or if the teacher asks them a question they can think back to the meme and remember what they learned. Memes are something that a lot of kids enjoy and find funny, which makes it very relatable and usable in education. Memes can also be used as someones platform to voice their opinions or concern on an important topic because once it’s posted online and someone else with similar ideas shares it, it can become a snowball effect and change could potentially occur. Memes are popular because it makes me people and it uses pictures to references to popular things that are trendy and are well known. For example when I made a meme to relate to nosedive, I used a picture of a reference from a movie that many people know about. It also allows people to be more creative when you make memes versus re-using them and it also shows the type of person you are because you make a meme based on what you are into. Memes are fun and one of the ones that I enjoyed that someone else made in class was hailey’s meme about memes because it’s so relatable and it has the funny connotation that white girls say “like” all the time. I learned that memes can be about anything but I also ran into an issue because my meme about memes somehow deleted itself and now I have to make a new one. #techlife

Also, the Nosedive episode of Black Mirror was an interesting episode because it is very relatable to the society we live in today because people are always judging one another and rating them in a sense based on how much people have. Everyone is always concerned about being accepted or how they look. There are too many instances where people try to look like someone else because thats what society says is acceptable. Which shows how technology and society go hand in hand. When something is posted online, society tends to feed off of it. For example when Kylie Jenner plumped her lips, every girl wanted to plump their lips because it became a big thing. Also the way they formed the story is effective for helping others thinking about issue of technology on our lives because it was such a dramatic way that it does catch a viewer’s attention and gets you thinking about it. It was a very informative episode because after it made me question how did society become so messed up? And Vannesa’s meme was so funny because of the accuracy at how people can be very mean and judgemental. 24e0k8.jpg

This week was a fun class day because we got to do memes and thats always fun! But it has been such a chaotic that I have been so delayed on everything. Even my daily digital alchemies were done much later in the week because it’s been a busy week. #thatalchemylife


The Secret to Digital Art

Based on the twitter chat that was done in our class this week, I learned that there are multiple forms of digital art. Digital art can be anything from paint tab on the computer to a video game. There is no definite form of what digital art actually is. Our twitter chat allowed us to have an open discussion on about digital art and what everyone’s idea of it was. Also, I learned some people have more experience with the digital art apps than other’s. I am definitely someone who had little experience. Isn’t that sad especially since technology has evolved so much? #ineedtogetwiththeprogram. Being part of twitter chat and discussing digital art made me want to explore it. So for one of my digital daily alchemies I created a meme! It was actually a really fun experience and it makes me want to make more.

Also, during class we explored more ways of digital art with photo safari. We went on a “photo scavenger hunt” and captured pictures based on what the task said. Everyone’s view of what they thought they should capture was different. My idea of a shadow was different that someone else in my class. I saw a photo safari that had a shadow of someones face. Digital art is created in all different forms but the secret behind them is us. We control what is design, created and published based on our perspective or idea of how something should look. Everyone’s perception is different and thats what I noticed but looking at what other’s posted.

If I had used some of the techniques from the suggestions on photography it would have been a lot different of course. This picture wouldn’t have looked as dull if I had focused on lighting or angling the picture. We control how something looks and those techniques help enhance photos better. DU0iPZQVAAAufZ1.jpg

Once we did a little exploring we researched digital art. Completing the Re-New-Media-Art Research allowed me to realize the information and art over time gets deleted or becomes more difficult to find. The research that I conducted with a couple of my peers was easy to find information on. I feel that digital art does hold up over time but it becomes irrelevant to things that are going on today. Just like anything that we create today may still be wandering the internet 20+ years from now but it won’t relate to anything of that time period. With time things change and evolve just like we as humans do.

It was a very informational week! I enjoyed it and I enjoyed completing the activities. This semester is interesting because all my other’s classes have to do with media and learning about different things on the internet so they all intertwine with each other!

Re-New-Media Art for #netnarr

Title: Electronic Disturbance Theater

Artist Name: Ricardo Domingues

Published: 1998 and Article on brown was in 2010

Tech Used: E-mail, HTML, and Java

Current URL: N/A

Link to Wikibookpage:

Summary: It was a political hacktivism site and in support of the Zapatista. It participated in direct denial of service attacks on government and anti-zapatista websites.  Also dealt with a Revolutionary Movement about people fighting against ongoing government oppression.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 6.55.39 PM.png

Where artist is now: Ricardo Domingues is a socio professor at UC San Diego and the last time they were active was in 2010.

Tracked or Naw?

This week was little overwhelming because there was so much to do and so much to digest. The main focus of this week dealt with being tracked on the internet, meaning other parties knowing what your doing on the internet, as well as our role on twitter and the netnarr community!

One thing that really interested me as well as frightened me was the videos I watched. I find it scary that when you are online, there are people that know what you are doing. It’s also crazy how when you look up something that you are interesting in buying, there are ads that then pop-up on the bottom of your screen that is related to what you searched. This has to do with 3rd party cookies taking your information which is something new I had learned from the Brett Taylor’s Do Not Track documentary. Brett Taylor himself provided some more insight on this during his live video chat but it makes me wonder.. Doesn’t tracking violate our right to privacy? Even though the online world vastly large space of the unknown and by us using the internet we agree to whatever happens, but shouldn’t it still be more secure for our privacy? The fact that this frightens me a bit and will now make me be more careful of what I do, I still won’t change my habits because the internet has become part of society and a part of my life.

The article I read for my also touches upon technology and how it is bad for us. Smartphones and social media has disconnected us from the real world. Society spends too much times on their phones and this is also the reason why we are tracked and why companies take advantage. This happens because everyone is always on their phone that people are losing the skill of communicating face-to-face. I feel as though technology and smartphones made life easier and allows things to get done quicker but at the same time people invested way too much time that they are losing touch with reality. Everything is becoming WAY too virtual.

Also based on my twitter analysis it shows my role in the twitter world and the world of #netnarr. Since I am new to the twitter, there isn’t much to show. I haven’t been one to use twitter so it has been refreshing to learn about twitter and have to tweet, even if it’s for school purposes only. I can’t wait to learn all there is to learn!IMG_6214.PNG

It’s been a very educational week and I am sure there is much more to learn! Still Pumped to see what this semester has in store.

Entering the unknown world of Digital Alchemy

This week was the first week back to school and it was a very interesting start to the new semester. Having a professor conduct class via video chat is a bit odd but also refreshing because it changes up the semester and makes it more interesting. Also, creating all the different sites wasn’t as challenging as I thought but it’s exciting because I get to familiarize myself more with the digital world and become more aware of it. The activity we did in class where we had 7 minutes to view a site that showed everything you can think of and how it was happening at that very moment, all over the world was scary because it’s almost as if you are constantly being watched and nothing you do is private. The digital daily alchemy we completed in class also ties in with the fact that the digital world can be a slightly intimidating because shows how technology and the internet is constantly connected. Everyone is strangely connected one way or another through the internet. Overall, it was a very first interesting class but also exciting to see what the semester has in store for this class!