Close Reading Of E-Lit Text

When exploring through all the examples of E-Lit that was provided, I fell upon one that I really found interesting, which was the Soliloquy. The soliloquy is about Kenneth Goldsmith writing about everything he spoke about for one whole week. He recorded everything and had to transcribe it into an online literature. This text is broken down into what he said the whole seven days of the week. When you click on each day of the week, it is then broken down even more into ten “chapters.” Each chapter is a continuation of what he was saying from the beginning of the day until the end of the day. Every page of this text starts out with an small statement or question and then the rest of the text is hidden. In order to read the text you have to click on different areas of the page for the words to pop up. To understand what it says you have click around to understand what it is saying.

As a digital reader, I get a little lost when reading this text because it is all over the place. It is a little challenging to decipher what it is saying at first. But eventually when you click around and read the little bits that pop up you start to understand what the text or what that page is about. Many times there are some pages where the author doesn’t form a coherent sentence or form a sentence that is grammatically correct. But I found rather interesting to use a form of getting your writing down in digital form.

This piece of writing, I would say, is an animation because the words pop-up randomly when you click on a certain area on the page. The words come to life when you play around with it. With this type of e-lit you can play around with the text and kind of select certain areas and try to figure out what it is saying or you can click in order the way you normally read a text so it can reveal what the next sentence is.

A soliloquy is a way to express what one says in a fun way in the digital form. It is a way to get one’s meaning across in a different way and also as an interactive way. It brings a different meaning and experience to any text when you have to click to figure out what piece of writing comes next. I really enjoyed looking through this type of E-literature and being a style I would want to use.


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