It’s Game Time!

The last week of class before spring break was a pretty easy going class, which was nice because we’ve been moving at a fast pace since the beginning of the semester. When discussing games, at first, I thought I wouldn’t have much to contribute because I am not a “gamer.” But then as we talked more about it I realized that the games I play on my phone counts! I always had this notion that a gamer is someone who plays on an Xbox, playstation, WII, etc. Every game has rules and regulations. They also provide challenges which is what keeps many people wanting to play. I know that, thats what it does for me thats for sure!

Based on the game sharing  convo, I learned that everyone plays different types of games and everyone has different interests. Also, everyone plays games in some way, shape or form. Steph was the one who commented on my game of choice, which was 8 pool ball on my phone.

Then when I played the games in class, it was a bit odd at first because I didn’t understand why we were playing those games, but then I realized it related to the fact that this class is called alchemy. I noticed that at first I was a little hesitant when playing the games but once I got the hang out it, it was cool to play! In order to negotiate a new environment, you have to put things together that make sense. It was interesting and something different.

Creating audio that is different from text is that with audio you can add emotion, different sounds, music, etc. Which is something that you can’t do in writing. In order to get an audiences attention or get emotion out of them in writing is formatting everything  according and using proper punctation to emphasize things that need to be emphasized. But when doing a podcast, it is much easier to get the message across. To be honest, I don’t really listen to podcasts at all aside from maybe the radio in the morning when they talk about things, but other than that I don’t really listen to podcasts, so I don’t have a type of podcast to listen to.

After listening the to the RadioLab episode on games, I noticed that different types of people would talk at all different times. They would share stories about sports, but then go on different tangents about other topics. The pace of the show is kind of slow but it has moments where it’s a little quicker. It was difficult for me to focus because I could only listen, I couldn’t see what was happening, which was challenging for me, but it was also an interesting experience.


Can’t wait for GAMES GAMES GAMES!


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