It’s time to Gif it all up together!

This was the last week for digital art and I am kind of bummed out. I really enjoyed this part of the semester on digital art because we were able to do a lot of fun stuff. Making of  the memes and the Gifs was the best part. It was also cool learning about privacy and how anything you do online is watched. The internet has very little privacy because in order to go on some sites we have to allow cookies and agree to the terms, which allows those sites to watch you and know what you are doing. I also learned that, that is one of the many reasons why sometimes when on a site, the ads have items of things I likes because of other sites monitoring what I do online. It is ultimately a little nerve wrecking to see how advance technology is becoming and the lack of privacy.

Also this week I completed my weekly DDA’s. Typically when I complete them I usually try to think about my interests so I can incorporate them in my DDA’s. I try to take my time with them because I don’t them to be corny or as if I rushed them just to get it done. I try to relate them to the class or what we are learning or have learned.

Thus far in the semester we have done a lot of make banks, daily digital alchemies, and a few blog posts. Below will have all my links to all the work that I have completed so far in the semester:

Twitter DDA’s

Make Banks that are completed

My weekly blog posts

My in TAGSExplorer

In doing all of this I have learned that digital art can mean and be anything. Everyone has a different perception of what that is but it has a widely spread meaning. When I think of digital art I think of pictures, painting or images created online, and memes/gifs. But I have from other individuals in my class that some believe it is online games, photoshop, etc. Everyone sees things in a different way and thats why this topic was so fun because we got to explore that and create our own stuff. I have and will continue use digital art as posting pictures online or sending/creating memes and gifs.

Also, I never really stopped and thought about my experience online or my digital life but when taking this course and completing all these assignments, I realized I am more connected to the digital world than I thought. I was familiar with almost everything that was mentioned in class and I am easily able to maneuver my way online without much difficulty. But I also learned that there is much more out there in the digital world that I wasn’t aware of such as the privacy topic and apps that are related to digital art but on the bright side, I got the hang out them pretty quickly and I will be using them in the future. There is so much to explore and I can’t wait to do so. Can’t wait for this next segment in class.

Let the games begin!



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