Getting Lost In Gaming

It’s been a hectic few weeks for me and playing catch up is stressful but I’m almost there. This week I wasn’t able to make it to class because I had some personal things that came up. So when it comes down to the discussion of game play types and the elements of games I am a little on the confused. But from trying to understand the post of this week 10 weekly break down for what was done in class that games can be classified by Plan, Practice and Improvise. From watching the clip I learned that every game has these aspects if not all. Playing games has the same overall concept of trying to win and get the end. Every games has obstacles in which one has to plan how to overcome it. Sometimes when one loses, we try again until we get it right. Every game has rules to follow and an end goal. So that is what I understand when trying to play catch-up this week.

Also, when the playing the Internet Archive game I found it pretty cool when I learned all the background history of the game, the reasoning behind the set-up and why it was created. Pac-Man was a game that has been around for many years. It is an old game that was popular and is now a game people enjoy playing from time to time. When growing up I would just play Pac-Man at a pizzeria or at a restaurant when having to wait for food to kill time but I never put much time into thinking more about the game then just trying not to get eaten. But when do this assignment I have I have learned the name of the ghosts, why they are a certain color and why they change color. It was really interesting learning more about something that I never paid much mind too. This has made me look up information on games that I play on a regular basis to understand the whole concept behind the games!

When it comes down to the interview questions, I was late with posting them on the padlet, so I am not sure I will get a response in time but I still haven’t even received a response from when I gave them feedback. I also had requested permission to view their prototype last week even though I didn’t do the interview questions but I never received permission and I have tried again recently and nothing. But when coming up with my questions I tried to center it on their reasoning why and if they could have changed anything if they had the chance too. Also, having to do this project has given me a chance to get familiar with audacity and it has become a little easier.

Let’s hope I get a response!


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