When Audio isn’t life

I am just a little behind of this blog post because of a chaotic and hectic couple weeks I’ve had recently but I finally am able to get this blog post. This week has been the beginning of a crazy ride in gaming as well as audio and audio editing.

This week started off with the discussion on serious/empathy games. There was a lot to look at and understand about the pro’s and con’s of certain games. During class we had a chat on our thoughts of this topic. As mentioned in the first question by Katherine we had to gain some experience by playing games to fully understand. Once we did that we moved on to the topic of con’s in games that evoke empathy and whether or not games can teach us empathy. When participating in this chat, I felt that certain games do evoke a sense of empathy is the game is constructed properly. For example, in class my group played Syrian Journey and I felt that in the beginning I felt empathy because it had to do with the struggles of immigrating and the tough decisions individuals have to make. But once I continued playing and we realized that there is no winning the game, I became frustrated and no longer seemed to care about the point of the game, I was just trying to figure out how to win, if there is even a way to win. If a game is structured properly, individuals will lose interest quickly.

Once we concluded with that, we had a discussion on audio and audio editing for our make bank assignment. It took me a while to get to this assignment but once I was able to complete it, I was completely lost at first. It took me several youtube videos and multiple tries to even create something that made sense, somewhat. I didn’t think it was going to be as challenging but it was. When creating my assignment, I made sure I took everything off of freesound because I didn’t want to get confused using another site. I came up with my idea for the assignment when I was looking through examples and in the background my brother was listening to a video on facebook that had to do with instruments and I though maybe I could use something doing that! I first wrote down all the instruments I had in mind to use from the softer sounding instruments to the louder ones and I was going to use that as a way from trying to describe someones frustration playing games in the beginning to how hard a game can get towards the end. It was one of the hardest assignments I’ve had to do so far and I still think I did it wrong but at least I now have somewhat of an idea on how to use audio on audacity.


IMG_6337.JPGIMG_6336.JPGThis was my notes/outline, editing screen and the outcome.

Also, to the referencium I added on article on how games can teach your brain fight depression. I chose to add this article because I felt like it was important for people to know that gaming isn’t all bad. It not only is fun but it can also be beneficial to your mental health. Games can changes people’s mood and allow them to take their mind off things that upset them and allow them to focus on something they enjoy and that makes them happy. So when I saw the article, I thought it was interesting to share.

As for the University of Cairo’s student game prototype, the ones that I was most interested in were taken so when I saw the one on animal abuse, I chose that one right away because I felt that is topic that is a big issue here in the U.S as well. I felt that it would be an interesting game to bring awareness and bring out empathy in people when they see the struggles/cruelty that animals go through.

Overall it’s been hectic trying to catch up and overwhelming but it’s also been a really big learning experience!


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