GIF, GIF, GIF and more GIF

These last couple weeks have centered on making memes and GIFs. So fun! I found GIFs a lot more fun then memes because with GIFs you can make small moving clips. You can choose any part of a video, movie, tv show, etc and edit out the parts that you want to use. I also like the fact that GIFs are a form of communication. Sometimes when I text my friends, we tend to talk just through GIFs. There are GIFs related to any subject and it allows to make the conversation humorous and entertaining because they move.

Also there wasn’t really anything that I learned that I didn’t already know. I was very familiar with GIFs before having to use it for this class. The only thing that I can think of that was new for me was taking a video a taking a clip from it to make a GIF because I had never done that before. The only thing that I have done before is making something with a picture, so it was a really fun experience doing the GIFs from the make bank. giphy-1.gif


These are two different GIFs that I made for the make bank and I had a lot of fun doing them. After making these, I now want to make a lot more of my own and post them online for other things I may that can relate to it. #soontobeprogifmaker

One thing I find important when making a GIF is knowing what you want to make the GIF and how you are going to caption it. Also when not captioning it, it is important to capture a moment that makes sense and that can be used to describe anything in any topic. It is important to know what you want your GIF to convey or portray to people or what type of audience you want to appeal to.

This week was a little on the odd side too because the projector wasn’t working, there was a power outage on campus, and half the class was absent so it was a VERY short class. GIF making was discussed, which helped me to create my GIFs for my make bank because I had never made one before using other videos. giphy-2.gif

This is my GIF on how it feels to be empowered in the GIF process! #letsgetit


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