Selfie’s are key to life

This week was a little bit of an odd week because I had so many things going on at the same time and I felt like I was getting pulled left and right. I also was not able to make it to class this week so my blog won’t be as much of a reflection of class but a reflection of the work I did on my own from class as homework. From what I’ve gathered, a lot of the classwork was based on selfies and using apps. Also the idea of an unselfie was discussed and from what I tried to understand it has to do with details that a selfie doesn’t portray. From looking through the weekly post for class, I’ve learned, in my own opinion, that selfies are based on the person who takes them. A selfie can only portray as much as you want it to portray. That is why there are hundreds of people that hide “behind a computer” because they can pretend to be whoever they want to be since they can create a picture to look and show what they only want other’s see about them. A selfie doesn’t show the real you, which is where the unselfie comes into play because it deals with the other aspects. This ties in with the make I made in the make bank what deals with selfies.

Not everything that is seen in a selfie is real. In my selfie I look like I’m having a blast, meanwhile I was actually bored. My unselfie shows how I am someone who is more than just dressing up and going out. I am in charge of showing what my selfie looks like and what it should be about.

This week I also did my Daily Digital Alchemies on memes. I felt that because I have been able to make memes more and it had become easier for me I did them based on memes. DWYM05gW0AAS4d5.jpg  When I created this I was at my aunts house and she has a dog which is practically like my dog so I got the idea for this meme when I kept making her wait for her bone because she wouldn’t give me paw. DWYKp6vXcAADZKX.jpg

This one was based on a view that I enjoy. I love going on vacation and having a view like this or going hiking to places that have lakes so I can have a peaceful view to look at. Views like this bring peace to me so I felt that it was the perfect picture to use for the serene Daily Digital Alchemy.

Hopefully this turns out to be a better week and my blog is 10x better. I feel as though this won’t be my best blog because I didn’t go to class. And I realized that missing one class feels like I missed a whole month of information because I feel so behind. Hopefully I can catch myself up!


One thought on “Selfie’s are key to life

  1. You did good for trying to catch up on being in class; I would not say you are a month behind.

    Thanks for writing your thoughts out too on the idea of selfies; hopefully you appreciate there can be a lot of nuances to the posted image, and not just the observation that one can project fake personas. All of them are some facet of what we choose to project outward; some might say no different to wearing a smile when we really do not feel so happy.

    The “real you” is probably something that cannot be captured in a photo, selfie or unselfie. I notice your selfie in the smile is similar to the one in your profile, which suggests its consistent?

    And with the assignment, one of the things we hoped you to focus is the difference of what you can show in the unselfie that does not typically get into the one where we see you. Now, we need to figure out what significance Starbucks has…

    Glad to see you in Week 6, too bad we had so many things that made the class not go smoothly.


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