Making a mean meme

Digital art is a topic of conversation for the last couple of weeks in class. I have learned that digital art has a vast meaning and that everyones idea on digital art is different. This week though, we have done a lot of stuff with memes. Is it digital art? Of course it is! It’s a way for people to be creative and express there own ideas in a picture. Memes are typically know for laughs but it can be used for all different types of things. One thing that I know memes can be useful for outside of general laughs is in teaching. Since I am going into the education field, it is important to spice up the way you teach and be able to appeal to all the students. Since memes are popular in today’s generation, memes can be used to help kids remember formula’s for math or even remember an author or topic because then they will correlate the topic with the meme. So when it’s time for a test or if the teacher asks them a question they can think back to the meme and remember what they learned. Memes are something that a lot of kids enjoy and find funny, which makes it very relatable and usable in education. Memes can also be used as someones platform to voice their opinions or concern on an important topic because once it’s posted online and someone else with similar ideas shares it, it can become a snowball effect and change could potentially occur. Memes are popular because it makes me people and it uses pictures to references to popular things that are trendy and are well known. For example when I made a meme to relate to nosedive, I used a picture of a reference from a movie that many people know about. It also allows people to be more creative when you make memes versus re-using them and it also shows the type of person you are because you make a meme based on what you are into. Memes are fun and one of the ones that I enjoyed that someone else made in class was hailey’s meme about memes because it’s so relatable and it has the funny connotation that white girls say “like” all the time. I learned that memes can be about anything but I also ran into an issue because my meme about memes somehow deleted itself and now I have to make a new one. #techlife

Also, the Nosedive episode of Black Mirror was an interesting episode because it is very relatable to the society we live in today because people are always judging one another and rating them in a sense based on how much people have. Everyone is always concerned about being accepted or how they look. There are too many instances where people try to look like someone else because thats what society says is acceptable. Which shows how technology and society go hand in hand. When something is posted online, society tends to feed off of it. For example when Kylie Jenner plumped her lips, every girl wanted to plump their lips because it became a big thing. Also the way they formed the story is effective for helping others thinking about issue of technology on our lives because it was such a dramatic way that it does catch a viewer’s attention and gets you thinking about it. It was a very informative episode because after it made me question how did society become so messed up? And Vannesa’s meme was so funny because of the accuracy at how people can be very mean and judgemental. 24e0k8.jpg

This week was a fun class day because we got to do memes and thats always fun! But it has been such a chaotic that I have been so delayed on everything. Even my daily digital alchemies were done much later in the week because it’s been a busy week. #thatalchemylife



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