The Secret to Digital Art

Based on the twitter chat that was done in our class this week, I learned that there are multiple forms of digital art. Digital art can be anything from paint tab on the computer to a video game. There is no definite form of what digital art actually is. Our twitter chat allowed us to have an open discussion on about digital art and what everyone’s idea of it was. Also, I learned some people have more experience with the digital art apps than other’s. I am definitely someone who had little experience. Isn’t that sad especially since technology has evolved so much? #ineedtogetwiththeprogram. Being part of twitter chat and discussing digital art made me want to explore it. So for one of my digital daily alchemies I created a meme! It was actually a really fun experience and it makes me want to make more.

Also, during class we explored more ways of digital art with photo safari. We went on a “photo scavenger hunt” and captured pictures based on what the task said. Everyone’s view of what they thought they should capture was different. My idea of a shadow was different that someone else in my class. I saw a photo safari that had a shadow of someones face. Digital art is created in all different forms but the secret behind them is us. We control what is design, created and published based on our perspective or idea of how something should look. Everyone’s perception is different and thats what I noticed but looking at what other’s posted.

If I had used some of the techniques from the suggestions on photography it would have been a lot different of course. This picture wouldn’t have looked as dull if I had focused on lighting or angling the picture. We control how something looks and those techniques help enhance photos better. DU0iPZQVAAAufZ1.jpg

Once we did a little exploring we researched digital art. Completing the Re-New-Media-Art Research allowed me to realize the information and art over time gets deleted or becomes more difficult to find. The research that I conducted with a couple of my peers was easy to find information on. I feel that digital art does hold up over time but it becomes irrelevant to things that are going on today. Just like anything that we create today may still be wandering the internet 20+ years from now but it won’t relate to anything of that time period. With time things change and evolve just like we as humans do.

It was a very informational week! I enjoyed it and I enjoyed completing the activities. This semester is interesting because all my other’s classes have to do with media and learning about different things on the internet so they all intertwine with each other!


3 thoughts on “The Secret to Digital Art

  1. Irrelevant… I find that an interesting word to use to describe a genre of art. It’s been applied to some movements over time–Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Expressionism, Cubism, Dada, Surrealism, Post-Surrealism, Modern, Contemporary–really, all the movements have been called that at one time or another. And yet, now, many are seen as timeless. At least, there are timeless works created withing each movement.

    I’m curious to see if that shift will happen with new and emerging genres as well. Will digital art, in the public consciousness, move from a place of irrelevance to one of relevance? Or, does something about the medium withhold it from recognition and relevance altogether?

    Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” still moves us today as does Dali’s “Persistence of Memory” though both were highly criticized at first and I wonder if there’s a “Starry Night” or another “Persistence of Memory” already out there that we just haven’t realized is relevant yet, you know? Are we missing out on something when we cast aside the whole genre as inherently unable to be timeless?

    I wonder….
    ~Kelli ^.^


  2. Nope, it’s not sad. We are all some of us don’t know as much as you think we do. We are all learning. I tweeted out that I had no idea what digital art was. But as we spoke I was familiar with it mostly through cartoons and such. I often wonder how the things we post on the internet will stand the test of time.. I’m sure we will be covering our faces and denying most of our social media identities. LOL


  3. The best thing is you are all making digital art whether you have a definition or not. Any human expression in a form of media ought to be art, none higher or lower than another. The best art is the one we make and then also do more than make, but think about. I am pleased to see your reflections here on what you are doing, and maybe draw in more connections to the media work you are doing in other classes.


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