Tracked or Naw?

This week was little overwhelming because there was so much to do and so much to digest. The main focus of this week dealt with being tracked on the internet, meaning other parties knowing what your doing on the internet, as well as our role on twitter and the netnarr community!

One thing that really interested me as well as frightened me was the videos I watched. I find it scary that when you are online, there are people that know what you are doing. It’s also crazy how when you look up something that you are interesting in buying, there are ads that then pop-up on the bottom of your screen that is related to what you searched. This has to do with 3rd party cookies taking your information which is something new I had learned from the Brett Taylor’s Do Not Track documentary. Brett Taylor himself provided some more insight on this during his live video chat but it makes me wonder.. Doesn’t tracking violate our right to privacy? Even though the online world vastly large space of the unknown and by us using the internet we agree to whatever happens, but shouldn’t it still be more secure for our privacy? The fact that this frightens me a bit and will now make me be more careful of what I do, I still won’t change my habits because the internet has become part of society and a part of my life.

The article I read for my also touches upon technology and how it is bad for us. Smartphones and social media has disconnected us from the real world. Society spends too much times on their phones and this is also the reason why we are tracked and why companies take advantage. This happens because everyone is always on their phone that people are losing the skill of communicating face-to-face. I feel as though technology and smartphones made life easier and allows things to get done quicker but at the same time people invested way too much time that they are losing touch with reality. Everything is becoming WAY too virtual.

Also based on my twitter analysis it shows my role in the twitter world and the world of #netnarr. Since I am new to the twitter, there isn’t much to show. I haven’t been one to use twitter so it has been refreshing to learn about twitter and have to tweet, even if it’s for school purposes only. I can’t wait to learn all there is to learn!IMG_6214.PNG

It’s been a very educational week and I am sure there is much more to learn! Still Pumped to see what this semester has in store.


One thought on “Tracked or Naw?

  1. To answer your question, “Doesn’t tracking violate our right to privacy?” no because when you sign up for services you click some kind of agreement or quickly pass by some small font legal text that actually says you give them permission to track. It’s the price we all pay for not paying fees for information; all of this free content has fixed costs of machines, electricity, staff to produce them.

    It does feel scary, but largely the information is not examined at an individual level, like someone peering in your window. But what we are learning is that its quite possible to use aggregate data to try and influence people. That’s something to worry about.

    I am glad that at least you are not more aware of what happens when you open a web site.

    I bet by May that your twitter account will have a different pattern.


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