Entering the unknown world of Digital Alchemy

This week was the first week back to school and it was a very interesting start to the new semester. Having a professor conduct class via video chat is a bit odd but also refreshing because it changes up the semester and makes it more interesting. Also, creating all the different sites wasn’t as challenging as I thought but it’s exciting because I get to familiarize myself more with the digital world and become more aware of it. The activity we did in class where we had 7 minutes to view a site that showed everything you can think of and how it was happening at that very moment, all over the world was scary because it’s almost as if you are constantly being watched and nothing you do is private. The digital daily alchemy we completed in class also ties in with the fact that the digital world can be a slightly intimidating because https://twitter.com/tiffsanto/with_replies shows how technology and the internet is constantly connected. Everyone is strangely connected one way or another through the internet. Overall, it was a very first interesting class but also exciting to see what the semester has in store for this class!


2 thoughts on “Entering the unknown world of Digital Alchemy

  1. Hi Tiffany, I’m a bit late in replying but so happy you are in this class, and engaged in the activities. I’d hope that the scary part of the internet helps you stay aware, but also informed enough to not frighten you.

    Being informed is being prepared and not as surprised.

    In your blog writing I’d like to see you use hyperlinks to connect to the things we referred do, like when you mention the 7 minute video it would help a reader understand and know what you are talking about by linking it to the source (like that).

    You should also link or embed the connections to the specific work you do, rather than to your timeline (where the recent items will quickly scroll far away). Every tweet has its own web address (it’s available under the text where it mentions how long ago it was posted), like your DDa response has the web address https://twitter.com/tiffsanto/status/955594823473483777

    In your WordPress editor, if you put that web address on it’s own line (not linked) it will embed the tweet right in your post. It might not work in this comment but that is how I did it for example in the Brett Gaylor event page under the Tweets and Links header

    That makes it much easier to connect to your work. Like the link I just used.

    Also, I’d like to also see you try using images in your posts, to use as maybe a metaphor or to illustrate/show what you are writing about (just use the Add Media button in the WordPress Editor). Like maybe a screenshot from the Network Effect that shows a term you found interesting.

    When your blog posts are referenced on the NetNarr web site like your own archive http://netnarr.arganee.world/author/tiffany627568933/ It will use the first image it finds in your post to represent it rather than the old door. So try to put a representative image near the top of your posts.

    Don;t worry, this will all become more natural as you write more in your blog and find a writing style that works and represents you.


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